Žleby Castle

Castle Žleby

Žleby Castle

Originally a Gothic castle of the Lords of Lichtenburg before 1289, rebuilt after the destruction of the Hussites before the middle of the 15th century which passed Renaissance and Baroque modifications was rebuilt to romantic form by Charles Vincent Auersperg in the years 1849 – 1868 according to english model. Vincent Charles married Princess Vilemína of Colloredo-Mansfeld and she has got Žleby estate in 1867, when Charles Vincent died. In 1877 manor took over Franz Josef, son of Vincent, and after it inherited the last male descendant of Auersperg dynasty Prince Fredinand, who died in 1942. The estate took over Marie Trauttmansdorf and had it till 1945, when the castle became nationalized.

Žleby Castle with it´s romantic atmoshpere is richly furnished by the historic interiers that were created by the Princes of Auersperg in the 19th century according to the english models. On the tour of this amazing princely residence you can admire magnificent collection of art objects, an extensive collection of historical weapons and firearms, various antiques, glass, porcelain and ceramics, a collection of rare stained glass windows, paintings, textiles, historical furniture from the Renaissance to the 20th century and much more …

The unique is also the original operating base of the castle – a small technical miracle in the form of fully furnished kitchen with adjoining castle kitchen historical sites, sophisticated designed sanitary facilities or underground labyrinth of the old castle cellar offering an interesting excursion to see the ordinary life on the castle.


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