Kačina Castle

Zámek Kačina
Kačina Castle

Kačina Castle

The magnificent castle in the shape of an open hprseshoe has two-store central part with a classical portico of six columns with a tympanum. On the both ends of this building of ground floor is an archway residential building with collonaded walkway , finished two storey buildings of library and theatre. in the central part is a circular former chapel with lantern and ballroom. Whole building has 227 m.

Kačina Castle belongs between the most significant buildings of the empire architecture in the Czech republic. John Rudolf Chotek, former president of the governorate and the highest burgraves of Bohemia Kingdom, has built this castle as his summer representative seat between 1806 – 1824.

Castle offers three tours:

(out of season only tour 2nd)

1st tour – Agricultural Museum – History of Czech countryside – history of agricultur, food industry, wood and metal industry, rural construction etc.

2nd tour – castle interiors – Chotek and their Nové Dvory manor – history of Chotek dynasty and their manor Nové Dvory, development of nobility managment and economic managment of Chotek estate, lifestyle of nobility in 19th and 20th century

3rd tour – Chotek library, pharmacy, theatre, galery, greenhouse – countryside in art, way to cure, castle orangery, garden of medical plants

You can visit also

Tour – Grandma strollers, dolls and toys – visitaton of stollers and carts for babies from the pastc

Chotek came to Kutná Hora already in 1764, when John Charles Chotek has bought Nové Dvory estate. Chotek dynasty belong to the most significant Czech dynastys and they managed farms as Bělošice, Nové Dvory and Veltrusy. John Rudolf wanted something better, so he let built Kačina Castle. It met the highest demand to represent man like him.

For the construction of the castle was chosen one ridge over a wide area, called Kačina, that met the highest demand of classicist aesthetics to build the outstanding bulding to excel over its surroundings.

In 1950 the object has got the Agricultural Museum as a museum and exhibition space.