General Terms and Conditions

General conditions for using the services of travel agency Bohemia Trip under the regulation of Act no. 159/99 BrE.

Introductory Regulations

The contractual relation between the travel agency Bohemia Trip and customer shall be governed by the regulation of Law no. 159/1999 BrE. and Civil Code 40/64 BrE. as subsequently amended. It is modified by “general terms and conditions” (hereinafter Terms and Conditions). Terms and Conditions of travel agency Bohemia Trip are valid for all tours and services of tourism.

Terms and Conditions of travel agency Bohemia Trip form an integral part of the contract between customer and travel agency Bohemia Trip.

I. Participants of the contract

Participants of the contract are:

Operator of the travel agency

Bohemia Trip
Vlastislav Spurný
principal: Vítkova 130/19, 186 00 Praha 8
IČO 137 84 005, DIČ CZ491104181

registred in the Trade Register Prague 8


b) customer, which may be either physical or legal person
(hereinafter “customer”)

II. Subject and the formation of contract

These conditions adjusts rights and obligations of the contracting parties:  

  • Domestic or foreign trip or transportation.
  • The trip is pre-assembled, offered and sold as a combination of tourism services for an inclusive price or assembled according to a customer’s request (hereinafter “trip”).

Contract is concluded:

  • Adoption of electronic, e-mail or written customer’s order and confirmation of travel agency Bohemia Trip.
  • At the same time are valid these Terms and Conditions may be supplemented by special conditions, which are as an integral part attached to the order confirmation.
  • Confirming the order, travel agency committed to customer to secure services within the agreed scope, quality and in accordance with the agreed terms.
  • Unless in the order confirmation otherwise noted, the customer insurance of the trip and accomodation isn’t included.

III. Price and payment terms

Prices of the trips and services provided by the travel agency Bohemia Trip are contractual prices agreed between customer and travel agency Bohemia Trip.

Travel agency Bohemia Trip has the right to get the payment before provision, it means that the customer is obliged to pay the services in full prior before provision.

III / a. timetable of the payment is determined:

  • to domestic or foreign trips the customer is required during the contractual relation, it means when the order is confirmed, to pay a deposit o fat least 50% of the total price,
  • the additional payment of the total price the customer is required to pay at least at the start of the trip.

III / b. price increase:

Travel agency Bohemia Trip has right to unilaterally increase the prices of the tourism services mentioned in the order confirmation in the case of increase of following:

  • prices for transportation including fuel;
  • payments associated with transportation;
  • Czech Crown Exchange rates used for pricing services
  • insufficient number of applicants for service or trip.

As mentioned above travel gency Bohemia Trip has right to adjust the prices of trips and services which are subject of contract, before the realization of the trip or services, at least five days in advance.

Customer confirm an acceptance of the price change.

III / c. Payment forms

Price of the trip is possible to pay:

  • In CZK on bank account: 2200665145/2010
    IBAN CZ2920100000002200665145
  • In EUR on bank account: 2900665146/2010
    IBAN CZ2920100000002900665146
  • PayPal through (PayPal Email Payments)

If the both parties agree, the additional payment can be paid in cash before start of the trip to the driver or to the guide.

Form of the payment can be combinated, for example it is possible to pay deposit from account to account and the additional payment in cash etc.

IV. Cancellation and changes of agreed services

Travel agency Bohemia Trip has right to back out of the contract before the start of rendering services:

  • If the chosen trip is logging on insufficient number of people and customer does not accept an increase in price because of this reason.
  • Customer does not accept other suggested term.
  • Events caused by the force majeure (floods, bad weather etc.).

In this case travel agency return to the customer paid deposit except the replacement of necessary expenses of 10% paid amount.

V. Changes of agreed services

Travel agency Bohemia Trip has right to carry out, if it is necessary, to protect the interests of customers and operational changes of the program and provided services during the trip or during the use of ordered services or individual services, if it is not possible for objective reasons to keep the set program or provide an agreed services.

In this case, travel agency Bohemia Trip is obliged to provide an alternative program and services similary to the agreed conditions. It means the same quality and conditions. The price of the trip stays the same.

VI. Cancellation of trip

  • The customer has right to cancel the contract whenever before departure or before using of agreed services.
  • Cancellation of the trip or agreed conditions has to be in the written form, by the e-mail in an unequivocal manner.
  • During withdrawal, the customer is required to pay a cancellation fee in the amount according to the time a withdrawal is received.

Cancellation fees

  • 14-7 days before the trip or realization of services 50% deposit;
  • 7–1 day before the trip or realization of services 100% deposit.
  • If the customer fails or misses the departure or has to be expeled from participation, the customer is entitled to a refund of the paid price.
  • If there are circumstances, that customer doesn’t use some or all of the ordered and paid services from Bohemia Trip agency (accomodation, transportation etc.) he is not entitled to a refund of the paid price.
  • Furthermore, travel agency Bohemia Trip is not responsible for unpredictable cases caused by extraordinary circumstances such as natural disasters, quarantine, revolt, strike, and other cases caused by force majeure, as well as cases caused by the third party (constructions, traffic jams etc.).

VII. Change of the reservation

From the side of the customer is possible in case of the possibility of the realisation.

VIII. Travel agency Bohemia Trip doesn’t have a responsibility of:

  • any problems arising from ignorance and default of the valid regulations in the country,
  • all incurred costs charge to customer.

IX. Special provisions

Passing the order, the customer agree to the fact that in accordance to the provision of § 5. 2 et seq. Law no. 101/2000 travel agency Bohemia Trip has to process the protected personal data, including customer personal identification number.

Travel agency Bohemia Trip has right to proces the personal data of the customer in accordance with § 16 of the above Act and such an informations can be accessible only to a staff who proces these informations and who are authorized to offer the services provided by the travel agency Bohemi Trip or the ones who will provide or pass on the claims and handle the payments and transactions for the provide services.

During the processing the data of the customer, the travel agency Bohemia Trip must ensure that the customer are not infringed upon their rights and must protect them against unauthorized intrusion into the personal life.

X. Final provisions

These Terms and Conditions shall enter into force in the date of publication on the website