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Moser Glassworks


History of the Moser Glassworks is connected with one of the best known figure in the history of glass production, Ludwig Moser (1833 – 1916). First he opened his own shop and engraving workshop in the center of Karlovy Vary, already in 1893 starts his own glassworks.

During short time he gained reputation of the most prestige crystal producer in Austro-Hungarian monarchy. Title of court supplier Franz Joseph I. (1873), the Shah of Persia Musaffereddina (1901) and King Edward VII. (1908) raised the reputation to a power and caused the interest of other monarchs. In 1922 Moser Glassworks is the most luxury  producer of beverage and decorative glass in the Czechoslovakia.

Moser Glassworks cooperate with the most talented artists, glassmakers, glass cutters and engravers, whose art helps to make a masterpieces in the branch. Throughout the existence of the glassworks with its present in the most important international exhibitions, where they get special awards. The first brand store Moser was opened in Prague in 1925.

Currently, the glassworks joint the public limited company with exclusively Czech capital and approximately 32o employees.


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