Nový Knín town

Nový Knín town

Nový Knín town

Archeological exploration of Nový Knín area evidence settlement already 20 000 years ago. During the 9th – 10th century was already permament settlement. Courts are build in Nový Knín and Živohošť. According to the name (Knín) probably originally belong to czech princess.

At the end of the 12th century Knín also entered to written history. It happened in the occasion of a negotiated peace between Přemyslovci, Bedřich from Prague and the Moravian Margrave Frederick COnrad II Otto. It is called Knín peace. Between 1218 – 1219 on the court stayed Přemysl Otakar I.

In the Upper City was mined gold. Part of the mining districts were excavated muck treatments. There were mills where prepared rock milled rock was milled to a fine pulp. Forge were included. Mining activities placed high demands on enough wood.

The town self-government was ensuring the operation of of the mining business. It represent royal buyer of gold together with city council – councillor. It is supposed that at this time town already owened privileges. The first list is known already from 7.6.1437 and it was published for Nový Knín by Zikmund Lucemburský. However, the charter burned and therefore 1461 George from Poděbrady let drawn up  new charter where were confirmed existing privileges.

From the results of mining in the first half of 20th century  can be estimated yield from the ore to hundreds of grams per tonne, in some cases up to 1 kg of gold per tonne. The shafts reached a depth of 80-200 m. Period of Hussite wars meant the suspention of mining activities.

In 1479 the king Vladislav Jagellonský confirmed the privileges of the city. Until the start of 18th century was decline and rebirth of mining activities. It began to develop another trades.

The last attempt of mining was made during the World War Second and shortly after (1957). The town has preserved ancient character.

In 1999 was opened an exhibition sumarizing the mining boom of the town.


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