Magdeburg Barracks

Magdeburská kasárna
Magdeburg Barracks

Magdeburg Barracks

Jewish self-government and all departments ensuring a smooth running of the camp were once located here in the Magdeburg Barracks.

Nowadays the building keeps permanent exhibitions, dedicated to everyday lifes of Jewish prisoners. The exhibitions here are primarily focused on the cultural background in the ghetto, which has developed to an unusual extent.

The Nazis were more tolerant regarding the artistic creations of the prisoners, because Terezín was an important part of Nazi propaganda.

Many paintings and pieces of literature were preserved, for example the magazine “Vedem”, distributed by boys from house no. 1. There was a working theatre in the ghetto and also some important musical events often took place here.


         The replica of a prison quarters from the time of the ghetto

          Music in the ghetto

          Fine Art in the ghetto

          Literary creation in the ghetto

         Theatre in the ghetto