Karlštejn Castle

Hrad Karlštejn
Karlštejn Castle

Karlštejn Castle

Exceptional castle as by robustness so by architecture. It was founded in 1348 by Czech King Charles IV., in 1355 already the Holy Roman Emperor.

The castle was designated for protection of the Crown Jewels and relics of the kingdom and empire. Rough building was made in 10 years, however, internal modifications were completed in 1365.

At the end of the 16th century the Emperor Rudolf II. set the order to fix buidlings of the castle, but still started decline of the Karlštejn Castle. In 1619 were taken jewelery and archives to Prague, in 1620 the castle was issued without any fight to the army of Ferdinand II., in 1646 was conquered by the Swedish army.

Decay of the castle and the historical significance began to notice not only patriots of Czech but also the Habsburgs and Ferdinand let to fix the most affected parts.

Today´s form of the Karlštejn castle is from 1887-1899. It was realized costly purist treatment according to project of F.Schmidt completed by J.Mocker. Purists removed not only all the Renessaince and following interventions, but also elements of the Gothic, which seems like “little Gothic”.

Our tour

  • includes interiors of the Imperial Palace, private and representational
  • partly furnished rooms from 14th-19th century
  • Marian tower keeps vluabel items from Karlštejn collections, including a replica of St.Wenceslas Crown
  • then Well tower and Castle prison



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