73. trip: Paintball and Brewery Velké Popovice

Play Paintball in a beautiful area. Get a totally unique and memorable experience.
Take a rest with lunch in traditional Czech pub. See producing one of the best Czech beer – Velkopopovicky Kozel.
Play Paintball – have a full day of fun

  • Try Paintball with using the profi features
  • Choose from playground which has a total area of 35,000 square meters
  • Win a Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch or to protect a VIP persons
  • Lunch in a traditional Czech pub
  • Learn about the production of one of the best Czech beers
  • Look at the brewery Velke Popovice
Duration 9 hours

Built six different playgrounds.

  • Area of the former military base
  • The biggest playground area exceeds 8000 m²
  • The total area of 35 000 m²,
  • Buildings, bunkers and running trenches, obstacles and rough terrain,
  • Discarded military equipment, vehicles and warehouses
  • The play time is about 4 hours
  • Minimum number of players 4

Examples of a games:

Divide into groups and compete in

  • 2 teams against each other (team deathmatch) – the aim of the mission is to eliminate all enemies,
  • The center flag (capture the flag) – the aim of the mission is to capture the center flag and bring it back to its start. The flag is the only one so there is fighting of 2 competing teams,
  • VIP – one team is in the role of “police” and the president has to take the other side of campus, the second team in the role of “terrorism” that must be avoided.

Try to defend the colors of your team and fight to the end!

After a challenging game take a relax in a traditional Czech pub with Czech and international cuisine. Selection menu of the day.

We invite you to visit the brewery Velke Popovice – Popovický Kozel.

The tour leads through picturesque brewery courtyard to the current brewhouse, where you will be introduced to the raw materials and the brewing process.
You’ll be familiar with the rich history of the brewery from its founder Baron Ringhoffer to this days.
You will see the historic brewhouse from 1928, lager cellars and then bottlers bottles and kegs. The tour also includes a tasting produce with small snacks.

At the end of the tour you will receive a unique beer glass and view the Kozli trade.

PRICE of the trip 199,- EUR / person

– more than 4 persons – individual calculation


Paintball https://www.paintballgame.cz/cs/
Krčma U Kašny http://www.krcmaukasny.cz/
Pivovar V.Popovice http://pivovar.kozel.cz/cz/content/view/-/prohlidky