70. trip: Paintball with the screenplay and the Museum of military

Play Paintball with an interesting screenplay, military equipment, pyrotechnics. It is exciting and realistic. You get a totally unique and memorable experience. Take a rest with lunch in traditional Czech pub. Discover military technology since 1915, including the famous and feared Russian Katyusha.

  • Play Paintball – have a full day of fun
  • Have an experience of paintball with the screenplay
  • Win the screenplay of Black Hawk Down, Counter Strike or Battlefield
  • Prozkoumejte obrovské hřiště velké 8 000 m2
  • Try the superior equipment and instructors
  • Lunch in a traditional Czech pub
  • Admire the collection of more than 700 historic tanks, cannons, motorcycles, armored military trucks and vehicles
  • See rocketry, communications and engineering equipment and logistical material from 1890 to the present
  • Discover the legendary rocket launcher “Katyusha” and artillery and naval mines
Duration 10 hours

Why screenplay paintball ?
The players are divided into two or more teams (depending on number of participants), in order to survive they must work together and constantly interact with all members of his team.

  • They gain confidence in overcoming challenges during the event show courage
  • Developing new relationships with co-workers, with whom in working life do not come into contact with
  • They can demonstrate their ability to think strategically
  • Demonstrate the ability to effectively lead a team
  • Quick decisions
  • Playing time is about 4 hours
  • Recommended number of playing persons = 6

Description of screenplays


  • Will be divided into two teams, allies and insurgents
  • Allies must find and steal important documents. Insurgents blocks it
  • Allies rescue his imprisoned soldier in the helicopter crash
  • Allies have the task of transporting the injured pilot to your base


  • Terrorists got the plans for building the stored radioactive material and they want this building to detonate and destroy the whole city. They are willing to do it at any cost.
  • SWAT must have to everything resolved.

Playground – Military Base Benesov

  • Built six different playgrounds for special screenplay
  • Area of the former military base
  • The biggest playground area exceeds 8000 m²
  • The total area of 35 000 m²
  • Buildings, bunkers and running trenches, obstacles and rough terrain
  • Discarded military equipment, vehicles and warehouses

Try to defend the colors of your team and fight to the end!

After a challenging game take a relax in a traditional Czech pub with Czech and international cuisine. Selection menu of the day.

In the premises of the former barracks is located since 1996 exhibition of the Military Museum.


Muzeum Lešany

At present you can found there – the collection of more than 700 historic tanks, cannons, motorcycles, armored military trucks and vehicles, missile technology, communications and engineering equipment and logistical material from the period from 1890 to the present.
The scope and quality of its collections, in which many a world-unique Museum ranks among the leading European institutions of its kind.

Especially the collection of Czechoslovak military vehicles from the period 1918 – 1939 and the collection of Škoda cannons, naval and artillery mines and much more ..
You can admire for example a rocket launcher “Katyusha”.

PRICE of the trip 185,- EUR / person

– more than 6 persons – individual calculation


Paintball https://www.paintballgame.cz/cs/
Krčma U Kašny http://www.krcmaukasny.cz/
Muzeum Lešany   http://www.vhu.cz/muzea/zakladni-informace-o-vtm-lesany/