61.trip: SEDLEC Cathedral and Ossuary, St. JAMES Church, ŽLEBY Castle and Preserve Game

We invite you to privat tour to see unique Sedlec Ossuary, Sedlec Cathedral, special St. James Church, fairytale Žleby Castle, lunch at the pub U Kosů and tour of the Preserve Game with rare White Deer inside.

  • Marvel at the fairytale towers and turrets of Chateau Žleby
  • See an impressive collection of stained glass, ceramics, historic furniture and armory
  • Look out for wild boar and wild sheep in the game preserve of Žleby
  • Look for white deer in the grounds of Žleby Castle
  • Enjoy a traditional Czech lunch at a local restaurant
  • Visit a High Gothic monastery of the Kingdom of Bohemia at Sedlec Cathedral
  • See the bones of more than 40,000 people in the artistic Sedlec Ossuary
  • Enjoy a private trip for a great price

Duration 10 hours

Escape the hustle and bustle of Prague on a full-day tour of Central Bohemia, departing the city center at 08:45 for a1,5 hour drive to Žleby.

Chateau Žleby to admire its fairytale towers and turrets. Rebuilt between 1849 and 1868, the castle contains a remarkable collection of antiquities, including historical guns, porcelain and ceramics, stained glass, and furniture from the Renaissance to the 20th century.


Come walk into the game preserve of Žleby near Kutná Hora, famous for its breeding of white deer. See birds of prey, owls, martens and falcons in the castle grounds, and look out for wild boar, mouflon (wild sheep).

After the traditional Czech lunch in a restaurant U Kosů we head to visit church St. James.

Next, visit Sedlec Cathedral, a High Gothic monastery that belonged to the Kingdom of Bohemia in the 13th and 14th centuries. Learn how the abbey benefited from the silver mining industry of nearby Kutná Hora.

See the skeletons of more than 40,000 people artistically arranged in the chapel beneath the Cemetery Church of All Saints.

Transfer back to Prague for an estimated drop off at around 19:00.

PRICE of trip 89,- EUR / pers ( adult 16 – 80 ) ( 04, 10 Sat, Sun )
PRICE of trip 81,- EUR / pers ( child 6 – 15 ) ( 04, 10 Sat, Sun )

PRICE of trip 100,- EUR / pers ( adult 16 – 80 ) ( 04, 10 Thu – Fri ) *
PRICE of trip 100,- EUR / pers ( child 6 – 15 ) ( 04, 10 Thu – Fri ) *

* Price is higher out of season. The monument is open for booked groups.

– less and more than 4 persons – individual calculation

– If you require a guide, specify it and we will prepare individual price calculation.

  • On all the sights local guides are available and if they can’t speak in your requested language, prepared texts in your language will be provided.
    And of course, we will provide basic information about the trip, sights, and the Czech Republic in written form, possibly accompanied by audio recordings.


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