60. trip: Č.Šternberk castle, palace Žleby, Kačina castle, Sedlec Ossuary


We invite you on private tour of Český Šternberk castle, tour of chateau Žleby, lunch in pub U Kosů, tour of chateau Kačina and tour of Ossuary Sedlec.

  • Český Šternberk castle was founded in 1241 and it is unusual that until today it has been in
    the property of one aristocratic family.
  • Formerly a castle founded in 1289, Žleby is now a palace that looks like it was taken right from
    a fairy-tale.
  • During the visit of the residency you can admire the unique collections of art objects, weapons, paintings, porcelain and historical furniture.
  • Taste the Czech cuisine at pub U Kosů.
  • Visit the most important Empire style building in the Czech Republic – Kačina chateau.
    This summer residency was built for Jan Rudolf Chotek in 1806 –24.
  • Look forward to the visit of the unique ossuary in Sedlec.
  • Enjoy a private trip for a great price.

Duration 10 hours.

You will be picked up in your hotel at around 8.45 am and after a one hour ride you will arrive at Český Šternberk castle.

Český Šternberk castle has been a signature monument here for more than 760 years. It was rebuilt a couple of times. It was founded in 1241 and it is spectacular that it has stayed in the hands of the original family for more than twenty generations. Today you can admire here the excellently prepared rooms. The visitors live through different time periodes here such as Rococo, Biedermeier, Empire and Baroque styles.

After that you will explore the chateau Žleby that looks like from a fairy tale. The former gothic castle from before 1289 was rebuilt in 1849 – 1868 after the English originals. Here you can admire the remarkable collections of antiquities, the collection of historical guns, glass, porcelain and ceramics, and also the collections of stained glass, paintings, textiles, historical furniture from Renaissance to the 20th century and many more. The operational background is also unique – a fully equipped historical kitchen with the adjoining rooms, hygienic background or an underground labyrinth of the old castle cellars, which offers and interesting excursion to a common life at the castle.

For lunch you will go to a restaurant u Kosů, which offers Czech cuisine.

After a short ride you will arrive at a monumental chateau in Kačina. The chateau was built by Jan Rudolf Chotek in 1806 – 1824. The chateau is one of the most important buildings of the Empire architecture style in the Czech Republic. Since 1950 it has been possible to visit the agricultural museum here.

After a short ride you will arrive at a part of Kutná Hora called Sedlec. According to a legend, the abbot of the Sedlec monastery, Jindrich, brought a handful of dirt from the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem in the 13th century and sprayed it on the monastery graveyard. The graveyard became a Holy Grounds and a part of the Holy Land. It was the reason why there are graves not only from Bohemia, but also from Poland, Bavaria and Belgium. Today’s look of the chapel is the result of baroque renovations realized by Jan Blazej Santini. The decoration is formed exclusively by the human bones, prepared by carver Frantisek Rint. All of the bones had been sanitized before they were used for decoration.

After you will go back to Prague where you will arrive after a one hour ride.

PRICE of trip 109,- EUR / pers (adult 16 – 80) ( 04, 10 Sat, Sun )
PRICE of trip 98,- EUR / pers (child 6 – 15) ( 04, 10 Sat, Sun )

PRICE of trip 111,- EUR / pers (adult 16 – 80) ( 04, 10 Thu – Fri ) *
PRICE of trip 102,- EUR / pers (child 6 – 15 ) ( 04, 10 Thu – Fri ) *

* Price is higher out of season. The monument is open for booked groups.

– less and more than 4 persons – individual calculation

– If you require a guide, specify it and we will prepare individual price calculation.

  • On all the sights local guides are available and if they can’t speak in your requested language, prepared texts in your language will be provided.
    And of course, we will provide basic information about the trip, sights, and the Czech Republic in written form, possibly accompanied by audio recordings.


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Státní zámek Žleby http://www.zamek-zleby.cz/fotogalerie/exteriery-park-a-obora/
Hospůdka U Kosů http://www.hospudkaukosu.cz/
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Kostnice Sedlec http://ossuary.eu/index.php/cz/fotogalerie-kostnice