40.trip: Carlsbad, Moser Glassworks, museum Jan Becher


We invite you to private tour to Carlsbad, visit of Moser Glassworks including company store, lunch
in the restaurant, visit Carlsbad town and visit Jan Becher museum.

  • Explore the ruins of the medieval castle Andělská Hora (Angel Mountain), which was often visited
    by Johann Wolfgang Goethe during his visits in Carlsbad.
  • Visit the glassworks founded in 1893 that earned the right to be the sole supplier of the emperor
    Franz Josef I, the shah of Persia and the English King Edward VII.
  • Visit the Museum of Becherovka.
Duration 10 hours

Around 9:00 in the morning you will be picked up in your hotel and transported by an air-conditioned minibus across the country to the Western Bohemia, through beautiful Czech countryside. It will take about 2 hours and during the drive, you will be able to enjoy Wi-Fi and cooled water.

The first stop is the ruin of the Gothic castle Angel Mountain, which was first mentioned in the year 1402 and was built throughout the 14th century. In the second half of the 15th century a village was founded in the vicinity of the castle. In 1718 the castle burnt down and was deserted. During its more glorious days it was a favourite place of many famous people, including Johann Wolfgang Goethe. In the town below the castle you will have the opportunity to see the unique church of Holy Trinity, built in the years 1698 – 1712 by Allipradi, an italian architect. It was renovated in the beginning of the 21st century.

The second stop will be in the Glass factory Moser. The factory was founded by Ludwig Moser in 1893
and was a dominant exporter of the Czech crystal glass in 20th century. The products
manufactured here made their way to various places across the known world, notably the court of British king Edward VII., the shah of Persia, and the emperor of Austria-Hungary Franz Josef I. Moser factory will be an unforgettable experience along with the possibility of buying products.

Afterwards, the third stop awaits.The famous spa history of the Karlovy Vary region began in 1350, when the king Charles IV stumbled upon a hot stream while hunting. The town, that was founded, quickly grew and gained popularity through the centuries. It has since developed into a number one city regarding wellness and spa in the Czech Republic. Karlovy Vary offers many regional specialties such as Becherovka, a famous liquor produced from herbs, or International Film Festival, which is held here anually. Visit the Museum of Becherovka and taste  their fantastic alcoholic herbal liqueurs.

During this part of the tour, you will see various monuments and spa colonades, you will taste some
of the thermal springs,
including Vřídlo, the most famous and the hottest one. You will also enjoy lunch
in local restaurant.

PRICE of the trip 101,- EUR / pers ( adult 16 – 80 )
PRICE of the trip  91,- EUR / pers ( child 6 – 15 )

– less and more than 4 persons – individual calculation

– If you require a guide, specify it and we will prepare individual price calculation.

  • On all the sights local guides are available and if they can’t speak in your requested language, prepared texts in your language will be provided.
    And of course, we will provide basic information about the trip, sights, and the Czech Republic in written form, possibly accompanied by audio recordings.


Hrad Andělská hora https://www.karlovyvary.cz/cs/andelska-hora
Sklárna Moser http://www.moser-glass.com/pages/sklarska-hut-v-karlovych-varech/
Muzeum Becherovky http://www.becherovka.cz/muzeum/fotogalerie/
Město Karlovy Vary https://www.google.cz/search?site=&tbm=isch&source=hp&biw=1366&bih=657&q=karlovy+vary&oq=karlovy+vary&gs_l=&gws_rd=cr&ei=GmbhVYqlMsasU4q6gpgI