37. trip: Carlsbad, glassworks Moser, Klínovec skiing

We invite you to a conbinated private tour of Angel Mountain and Carlsbad town, visit of Moser Glassworks including company store, visit of Museum Becher, accomodation in pension, skiing in the biggest ski area of Krušné Mountains Klínovec.

  • Visit the Angel Mountain
  • Explore the Moser Glassworks and buy a beautiful gift in their company store
  • Take a lunch in nice local restaurant
  • Explore a lovely Carlsbad town famous for healthy mineral water
  • Visit the Museum Becher
  • Enjoy a skiing in the biggest ski – centre in Krušné Mountains
  • Complete ski equipment including ski clothes provided

 Duration 2 days

Day 1

Pick up you at your hotel around 8 AM and than will be travel for about 2 hours when you have time to see a beautiful countryside of Central and West Bohemia. Will arrive to Karlovy Vary and first we visit the ruins of Angel Mountain and unique triangular Church of the Holy Trinity.

Short travel will arrive to Glassworks Moser where you can explore the unique production of glass and have time to visit local company store and buy some suvenire.

After lunch in local restaurant you have time to explore the Carlsbad town and could taste famous healthy headwaters and visit museum very popular and unique liqueur Becherovka.

Than will be on way about 45 mins, we move to ski – centre Klínovec where you will have accommodation and you can take a dinner in some of the local restaurant.

Day 2

Second day after great breakfast you rent a complete ski equipment including clothes and than you have all day for relaxing during a skiing in lovely ski – centre Klínovec.

The ski – centre Klínovec has a many diffrent downhills with freshments and several restaurants.

At the end of the day return the renting ski equipment and will go back to Prague where we will be around 7 PM.

PRICE of trip 366,- EUR / person

– less and more than 4 persons – individual calculation

– Organizer TA Pavlína Fulnečková https://www.grandafrika.cz/


Hrad Andělská hora https://www.karlovyvary.cz/cs/andelska-hora
Sklárna Moser http://www.moser-glass.com/pages/sklarska-hut-v-karlovych-varech/
Muzeum Becherovky http://www.becherovka.cz/muzeum/fotogalerie/
Město Karlovy Vary https://www.google.cz/search?site=&tbm=isch&source=hp&biw=1366&bih=657&q=karlovy+vary&oq=karlovy+vary&gs_l=&gws_rd=cr&ei=GmbhVYqlMsasU4q6gpgI
Ski areál Klínovec https://klinovec.cz/