15.trip: Koněprusy Caves, Mining Museum Příbram, Točník a Žebrák Castles


We invite you on privat tour of Koněprusy Caves, lunch in the Maják restaurant  and a tour of Mining Museum Příbram – Březová Hora. The conclusion of this trip is in Žebrák and Točník Castles. 

  • Visit the most beautiful karst cave in Bohemia, and see the money forgers’ workshop
  • Enjoy lunch at the local Maják Restaurant
  • Learn about ore mining techniques, and see a huge waterwheel in the Příbram mining museum
  • Climb to the medieval castles of Točník and Žebrák in Central Bohemia
  • Enjoy a private trip for a great price

Duration 10 hours

Escape the hustle and bustle of central Prague on a full-day tour of Central Bohemia, departing the city center for a 50-kilometer drive to the Protected Landscape Area of Český Kras.

Explore the longest cave system in Bohemia, admiring the “Roses of Koněprusy” collection of important archaeological finds and a hidden forgers‘ workshop. Discovered in 1950, among
the caves’ treasures are the “mint“ where the silver hussite pennies with the Czech lion emblem were forged from copper and amalgam.

Enjoy lunch at a local restaurant, before going to the mining district of Březová Hora to see a National Cultural Monument in Příbram. Learn about ore mining in the area since the 16th century, and the great revolutions of the 19th century when the amount of ore mined accounted for 90% of the Habsburg state.

See old steam machines from the 19th century, a water wheel that measures 12.4 meters in diameter, and a mining shaft that’s 1,600 meters deep.

End with a visit to the picturesque twin castles of Žebrák and Točník, founded in the 2nd half of the 13th century, and 2nd half of the 14th century respectively, before returning to Prague for a drop off between 18:00 and 19:00.

PRICE of trip 92,- EUR / pers ( adult 16 – 80 )

PRICE of trip 83,- EUR / pers ( child 6 – 15 )

– less and more than 4 persons – individual calculation

– If you require a guide, specify it and we will prepare individual price calculation.

  • On all the sights local guides are available and if they can’t speak in your requested language, prepared texts in your language will be provided.
    And of course, we will provide basic information about the trip, sights, and the Czech Republic in written form, possibly accompanied by audio recordings.


Koněpruské jeskyně http://jeskyne.cesky-kras.cz/konepruske-jeskyne/foto/puvodni/
Restaurace Maják http://www.restauracemajak.cz/restaurace.html
Hornické muzeum Příbram http://www.muzeum-pribram.cz/cz/hornicky-skanzen-brezove-hory/
Hrad Točník http://www.tocnik.com/?Tocnik
Hrad Žebrák http://www.tocnik.com/?Zebrak